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Ariana Company Profile

Ariana Tashkhis Abzar was established in 2010 as a medical device manufacturer.

Ariana has used multidisciplinary approach with application of science & technology, biomedical research & engineering, medicine, business & entrepreneurship to develop and manufacture medical device technologies and solutions for patients and healthcare professionals.

Ariana focused all its efforts on manufacturing and providing patient care products for Bedsore Prevention, Intensive Care Patient Positioning, Deep Vein Thrombosis prevention, Patient Transfer Systems and Fall Prevention, Patient Restraint Systems,  Antimicrobial Curtains and …

Our products in these fields include Anti Decubitus Memory Foam and HR Foam Mattress, Patient Positioning Cushions, Gel Positioners, Deep Vein Thrombosis Cuff and Pumps, wheelchair and abdominal belt, Wristband and Ankle band, and Psychiatric Restraint Set, Patient Transfer Rolls, Antimicrobial Curtains and …. The company expands product lines and improving upon existing memory polymers and chemical formulate to deliver superior bedsore prevention products.



Our mission is to serve patients by restoring, sustaining, improving their health and reducing their pain and suffering.

We strive to provide life transforming technologies, solutions, and services to patients for best possible care of their disease conditions. Our medical device products put control in the hands of healthcare professionals.

We intent to save, extent, strengthen patient lives and make all possible effort so that patients have a healthier life and better future.

We inspire to restore patient’s hope and possibility in their lives. We attempt to alleviate patient’s concerns for their health.

We coordinate efforts for manufacturing based on quality system management standards to provide high quality and reliable medical products. We improve our products based on customer feedback to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our social responsibility is to contribute through advancing healthcare and human welfare.

We take the responsibility for patient’s health and life and ensure to have a positive impact. We provide technologies and our endeavor is to reduce healthcare costs. We have compassion for patients and understand their disease pain. We prioritize manufacturing, supply, and delivery of medical products and their availability in hospitals and health centers to put patient care first. We hope our contributions to healthcare in society can lead to better life for individuals affected by diseases, their families, and next generations.


For our personnel we provide education and offer professional development, career growth and advancement.

We understand the personal worth of each of our employees and applying motivational approaches for higher personal satisfaction. We encourage cooperation and team work so each employee has a share in company success.


Our corporate core values are respect and integrity for our patients, customers, business partners and employees.





Our vision is to provide high quality products to most of the hospitals and medical centers and each year to grow our portfolio of products with innovation.



Our company provides products to and cooperates with private and governmental hospitals, clinics and health centers as well as home care products.

We have a diverse portfolio of products with different size and models for each item.



Our base corporate office is located in Tehran capital of Iran and we have a manufacturing site in Larijan Industrial city. We currently supply products and cover Iran medical device market.



We have received Iran Medical Device Directorate (IMED) part of Iran FDA manufacturing approval for products. For quality of our products we have received Quality Management System approval ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.



Our founders are Mr. Hossein Pooryaghooti and Pooyan Shahrabi which established Ariana in 2010.