Antibacterial Curtains


One time installation of antibacterial curtain 

This curtain is covered with Ag (Silver) Ion that results in bacteria removal and reduction of transmission probability of pathogenic disease factors from the curtain surface to the patient or ward personnel and from other surfaces to the curtain.

The textile used in simple curtains in hospitals usually have the potential to become a center for aggregation of different bacteria, for example they can stay on theses curtains for a long time.

Manufacturing is based on the standards of antibacterial textile  AATCC100  and AATCC147 and it is effective on different micro organisms in both simple and antibacterial models:

Simple models is used in hospital wards with low infection risk with large patient volume and

Antibacterial model is used is suitable for special care and infectious (isolation) wards. 

Ease of  installation and compatibility with hospital wards

Provided in different colors:  Green, Blue, Yellow

Available in three different sizes ( small 2.5, medium 5, large 7.5) with 2 meters height

Arianamed suggests replacement of the curtain every 6 to 12 months.

This is dependent on different wards’ work load and patient volume.