ARIA-PRO Memory Foam Mattress

Two-layer mattress. Visco-elastic thermal foam which is located between a 3D spacer fabric and a cold foam core. Visco-elastic layer reacts to pressure and warmth and adapts to the body in a optimize shape. The mattress adapts to the contours of the body for optimum distribution of pressure and reacts to the patient′s every move. This leads to a better blood circulation and reduces the risk of decubitus



  • (Suitable for medium to high risk patient (up to stage 2 - 3
  • Viscoelastic foam with 85 kg/m density
  • High Resilience Foam with 50 kg/m density
  • Use 3D fabric to reduce moisture
  • (For patients from 30 to 180 kg (66 to 396 lbs
  • Non Energetic
  • Two years guarantee for foam and a year for cover
  • (Dimention 200*90*14 cm (more size upon request